Mad Men Behaviour On The Work Floor Isn’t That Outdated After al – the new feminine feminism after DSK

Patronizing, sexual intimidation is part of the Mad Men plot. “Back then it was horrible for women even to pursue a career, making sure you woe the right boss, not rejecting some career lifting pads on your bum or worse! And keep others of the same career level of your back,” were my first thoughts watching the series. But due to the Dominic Straus Kahn charges, especially the French women have start talking about how demeaning and how often sexual harassment actually is occurring today. Not only in the spunky, quirky professions of advertising and new economy, but in politics as well.

It’s rooted in the type casting of the bitchy feminist and the charming womanizer of today. That type casting alone is still reason enough to not be taken seriously as a women or to just not mention it to others when harassment occurred.  That’s a shame, because by not talking we missed out on female unity. Not the ‘bitter and bra-less’ kind, but the powerful sexy kind of female unity. So Mad Men’s type casting of male behaviour is not outdated at all. It is now and calls for some rejuvenated feminism.

The new feminism is all about treasuring and showcasing your femininity without getting pinched in the bum by your CEO and still make it to the top of our career ladders. So I call upon women to take a style example of Mad Men’s Joan Holloway. Rock those hips, kick on your heels and make sure these painted red lips talk whenever sexual harassment occurs. The new feminine feminism is our billboard.

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