Me As A Female Action Hero 3.0 – Mild On The Outside, Danger Within

Punisher by PortalComic

Catharina 3.0 would look a bit like this

Sure. I did know I get angry, very angry. Nasty, when it is that time of the month. (It is a cliché but it is simply applicable). I easily can bites peoples head off. Hypothetically that is.

But since my kid – it started during my pregnancy – these flashes of utter invincibility evolved in some bizarre dreams and fantasies when I even have the faintest idea someone would want to hurt my cub.

In my head, images of severe and aggressive enemy slaying take place. In a whim I transform into a Barbarella 3.0, spiced up with some Terminator II (best episode), slaying enemies as a World of Warcraft champion. I even look incredibly slim! My heels are my weapons. And the pain you can inflict with a fashionable stiletto!! Visually, in my mind, it looks a bit like me fighting my way through the streets of Sin City.

Scary part is that emotionally I feel that I can really, really hurt someone when ‘it’ threatens my baby cub. And this emotional backup is completely new to me! Who said that ‘moms’ are getting mild? Bullocks!

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