What Women Can Learn From Male Careerists – The Spartans Phalanx Formation

Frank Millers Spartans

If there are male readers, keep reading. Since I am about to give you a compliment on your behalf. Because what female careerist can learn from male careerist in the hunting fields of the corporate world is the Spartans Phalanx formation.  Spread out, fight, conquer but always regroup to one rectangular mass formation and share the loot later.

Predominantly in business career circles – to keep it in Googles terms – men keep flocking together. If one pops up again – way high up – there are bound to pop up some more befriended male colleagues who share a business history together.  The formation has started. Astonishing how well male careerist care for each other in making sure ‘the others’ get a satisfying position as well.  Spread out at first, but when the occasion occurs, they get back in touch again to share the success.

Apart from the fact that women dump their maiden name and erase every trackback possibility in social networks once they get married, their business character seems just not about sharing or granting. Women are too busy ‘proving’ their position and sometimes forget about their surroundings. So instead of beating up the glass sealing in a solo attempt, women should take an example of men and learn to regroup in Spartans Phalanx formation. Regroup with other careerist women, step back, speed up and storm it. The glass ceiling will crack, break and the corporate loot will be a sweet price. Welcome to the hunting fields ladies. The amazons did it many years before you.

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