Vintage Selfies Must Have Looked Like This – I Like

If there was Facebook then, selecting a Facebook pic must have looked a bit like this. Try outs, over and over. All is visible and real. What you see is what you get. The Selfie.

Quite the opposite from the selfies nowadays, which I often find stunningly unreal. Overdone personal branding which leads to a disruptive connection between virtual and real life. What is it exactly you want to tell?

Taking pics today is about tagging with scattered objectives. This one is for Facebook, the inspirational one for Pinterest, the ‘arty’ one for Instragram, the ‘spontanious – can’t really tell what it is’ for Twitter and the series are for Flickr. All scattered visuals on social media of which we hope it will lead to a wannabe image of you. Your personal brand.

Sure I am guilty, but spending time in filling up all those channels is often so damn time consuming!

The pics in the box which I sourced on the flea market are pure and probably had only one purpose; to impress a lover. And that is – if you ask me – probably the best purpose of all.

Inspiration: flea market Berlin am Boxhagenerplatz

Bought in a box on a flea market – tryouts of a profile pic back then

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