Can I Code? – The Alternate Web Shop For 2.0 Women Over Thirty

Eric Curtis - Fallen Superheroes

Berlin Geekettes was the optimistic setting of geeky tech women meeting up with the Global engineering team of Facebook. A fresh breeze of ambitious, fashionable female tech nerds filled the room @ the Betahaus, cheering the Female Facebook engineers up to a rock star level. Sexy and rebellious words like Hackathon, Coding, Freedom, Facebook Friendship Timeline, No Bullshit spiced it all up.

It occurred to me. Coding is the next big thing! If you are a chick, can code, are creative, communicative and wear heels once in a while, your life as a storming Geekette is set!

So with all due respect; fuck the web shop! As a 2.0’ish mom, way – waaay – past my thirties, I’d rather try coding. Coding is the process of designing, writing, testing, debugging, troubleshooting and maintaining the source code of computer programs. The creative, digital power at Facebook, Google or my own geeky digital start-up smiled right at me.

Having read some articles and listened carefully to the Facebook engineers, coding is the shiniest highway to freedom. Since all that is required is great creativity, common sense, responsibility for your targets and you will have the freedom to determine your own working hours.

Fantastic! Instead of coming up with a web shop concept of breathing therapy, knitted socks or food fetish I just start coding and create a tangible digital tool that is sparked from my ideas.

Ada Lovelace, not a famous mistress but the woman who invented coding, by writing the first algorithm to find a crooked solution for her poor gambling results (successfully) did already a huge step for coding females. Since “The Enchantress of numbers” Ada Lovelace – what a name! – had written the first computer program back in 1842 – 1843. She died aged 36. Exactly the age were 2.0’ish moms nowadays start juggling a career, kid(s), family, good looks, friends, husband and lover(s) at the same time.

Art School, University for Journalism. Bullocks! If I could do it again, do it now and be flashed back to my early twenties, I would definitely want to reach the status of a coding Rock Star.

Throwing my feminine nerdness in the game, I would pursue a top job at the mesmerizing digital companies like Facebook, Google or crack a successful investors pitch for my own sexy little start-up. A one-liner like; “Move over tech cowboys and make room for my nerdy stiletto’s. My coding skills will leave you breathless,” would bitch off the overwhelming dominance of male nerds.

The educational level of Princeton from one of the Facebook engineers scared the shit out of me, and bursts my bubble.

So the need for a severe shortcut to coding is required! Can I code?

Probably I do not even end up with a web shop …

(Inspired by Berlin Geekettes, Facebook and the Ada Initiative)

Photography: Eric Curtis – Fallen Superheroes

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