Parenting And Running A Business – Changing The Ratio

Did I ever mentioned that I never wanted to be a mom? I even called my health insurance once asking to get rid of the maternity health package, since I was not going to need it anyway. They refused. I was furious.

Lux Zillion - taking on life
Lux Zillion – taking on life

Looking back now, I was dead wrong! But the idea of becoming a mom was similar to me as giving up independence, digging a grave for my career, ditching my beauty for a belly and being ‘left alone’ by ‘the father of the kid’ to take care of the critter by my self. Not a happy and fulfilling life.

Well, my role models weren’t all that good at that point in life. But luckily time has changed opportunities and people. Still I was quite shocked when i was ‘knocked up’ by my big love only a month after we moved to Berlin. Damn! Farewell clubbing! Farewell to my new independent business that I just started after my Sony Ericsson career..!?

No. Not acceptable. So we changed the ratio. The best we could.

Here we are now. The 3 of us. Almost 3 years later. Building our business together, parenting Lux together, travelling together to business and pleasure places and keep our clubbing for a lovely Sunday at the best club in town.

Sure we encounter some obstacles when we are working and travelling, but its doable with some creativity and guts. Sure, It’s more likely you can bring your dog to an agency briefing then – unless your name is Angelina Jolie – your kid (and nanny). “Don’t care what other people say”, is also a crucial motto. We do it!

Obstacles are not in the day to day business, but in how the systems of community and businesses are build. We dread the day that Lux will leave daycare and will be entering the school system. What will be our solution then when we need to travel? We cannot take him with us as easy anymore. Or will the school system by then allow us to take Lux with us a couple of weeks and teach him via online education?

Technology is there. Mobile World Congres and CES are full of it: mobile payments, mobile shopping. What about mobile parenting / working? Technology as an extension of you? Community and business will have to change its way of doing things and be more flexible for the new way of working and parenting.

But until then..? Fuck it! I only know we have a blast now – the 3 of us – leading a life that is fulfilling for all. In equal terms. Lets aim to keep it that way. Whatever it takes to change the ratio.

Picking up a briefing at Scholz & Friends in Hamburg
Picking up a briefing at Scholz & Friends in Hamburg


    • as entrepreneur you perhaps need to be even more flexible than when working in a fixed job and a fixed salary. That is my personal experience. When both parents are entrepreneurs in the same business, it needs some creativity to juggle with travelling, closing daycare at 17.30!! and long days of production work (e.g. shoots). Sure all parents have to adjust, but somehow society is not adjusting with them in offering other and more flexible ways of combining work, entrepreneurship and a young family. School system for instance is based on a society where mom was home to pick up the kids at 02.00 (in Germany) and 15.30 (Holland). Would be great if this can be adjusted as well over time.

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