Craving For Change Again: Am I Adventurous Or Plain Stupid?

My horse in 2014 (Judy Larson)
My horse in 2014

When a newbee career woman interviewed me and asked me who my female role model was and what career goals I set in life, I was baffled! “I did not have one when I was your age – 20ish – dear!” She looked at me shattered, as if she was wondering how on earth I could have survived and live my life as I am doing today.

No. Not everything runs smoothly. Do not believe the currated ‘me’. Every single time I need to adjust, reinvent, move and keep on looking forward as independent entrepreneur in a foreign country. But with the Chinese Year of the Horse kicking in – the year of energy, speed, improving yourself and racing to success – I even feel more the urge to speed up, change and move on again. And even now – way past my twenties – I still do not have a fleshed out plan, but follow the flow that the unexpected twists of life have to offer, trust my gut feel and hope all will turn out for the best. Since it always did….

Finding yourself at the most exhilarating juxtaposition that life can possibly offer, means maximizing life as it reveals itself to you! Jump, although you are afraid. Jump… although you not know you will last. Jump … although chances are you will fail miserably.

Is it adventurous? Or is it plain stupid? I haven’t figured it out yet and possibly never will. So my best chances are to trust The Horse – my horse – let go again and enjoy the ride. Wherever it will take me.

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