Say Never – Adjusting My Vocabulary For Life, Love And Career


The more convinced my NO is leaving my mouth, the more it is bound to happen. And it does not even take long before I embrace it with all my heart without any complaint or even urge of recollection.

NO is a word I’d better not use in my vocabulary anymore, when it comes to matters of life, love and career. It’s completely useless, since I have to justify myself (and I do not want to).

NEVER – however – can be taken with a question mark. A spark of MAYBE, a dazzle of DOUBT or perhaps a fraction of IGNORANCE. NEVER is a word that is rooted in a certain cycle of your life and can easily be transformed when time and life are changing. The NEVER will become EVER.

EVER dreamed of falling in love, having son and getting an international dream job in the city I love – Berlin? NEVER!

But DID it anyhow!

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