And This Is Only The Beginning – Was This My Preview On The Future Teenager Lux?

Sweet Angel Boy
Sweet Angel Boy

Kicked out of my own bed by my 3,5 year old kid in the middle of the night! Arguing in anger. Harsh words of a hardly one meter high little boy merging German and Dutch into a non-comprehensible language of utter anger. Accusations of being a bad, bad…bad…. bad… mom who should go live somewhere else. Find another house. Just Go!

Intense arguing and fierce stubbornness. Even after a morning bribe, whilst sprinkling his Soy Muesli with Chocolat Flakes. Giving me the cold shoulder and manifesting his anger toward me in a mantra… pretending I don’t hear it. Although every word carves my heart and builds my insecurity.

A silent walk to kindergarten with a 3 year old thunder cloud floating far behind me, making sure he is not even remotely connected to me…. the horror mom, die Rabenmutter.

Arriving at kindergarten … in silence … turning towards me, lifting his sweater and unleashing his tiny, very white belly button for a blabber bloat kiss of mommy. All is well again. Ohne Worte.

I love you my son Lux Zillion!

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