The Mouldy Scent of Static Developments – What is a Newspaper Mama?


“What is a news paper?” is Lux’ questions as a 5-year-old. “It’s the large papers you can buy at the Späti and kiosks.

No….I would not try to swipe a newspaper, my love – the ink smudges as easy as the news is vaporizing in people’s mind. When you read a paper your fingertips will get an intellectual makeover, covered with a hint of black moulded ink. Unlike its news, which does not seem to have that kind of impact on the few that still read instead of browse or skim. Imagery is static as are its audience who see, observe and tuck away.

The scent is nostalgic and a sensory branding tool for any packed kiosk at busy city corners where the moulded scent of ink is presenting the developing new world of today in a static nostalgic alliance.”

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