Sorry Netflix, But I Have Chosen Creativity Over Content Because Of COVID-19

Drawing of our son Lux without taking pencil of the paper on the back of my boarding pass, while flying home before lock down

Everyone is creative at heart. Remember your childhood years where no story, drawing, and play was crazy enough. In a time where we cannot work full speed and have to engage and tutor our children at home, we should use this time to let the creativity flow. The advantage of being ripped out of your routine is to see new perspectives and rediscover talents you forgot about.

So while in lockdown or in by-choice quarantine, some tips to follow the drill of creativity over everything.

Get into the play mode – let your kids inspire you

Children have an unlimited flow of creativity not hindered by impossibilities that already have narrowed the creative imagination of adults. While tutoring at home can be a challenge, unwind and get into play. Find playful projects with your kids to draw, film, animate, paint and tell stories. And if you have a brain blocker, here is an inspiring blog what to do with kids at home during Corona lock down.

Get some tunes in your head – become a bedroom musician

Music is in everyone, we just need to let it out. We might have forgotten about it, but singing is a good tool to learn to create music again. So get your favorite song in your head, sing out loud and try to play along on a guitar, piano or anything that makes a sound. And if you do not have an instrument in your house, there are many music apps to download to help you play and create music. Not to become the next YouTube discovery but for the fun of it. After all, entire Italy is doing it, so let’s follow their example, playing live or start coding music (with your kids).

Get creative with food – become a tastemaker with unexpected ingredients in your house

Flower, noodles and toilet paper are the number one assets that have disappeared from our stores. But there is more creativity to be won when we just could move away from convenient to slow foods. Read up and learn from the many food artists out there and start experimenting at home. You might find out you had the skill after all if you only allow yourself more time and patience. Or you find something amusing an heart warming, like how to copy the taste of you favourite Asian take-away-dishes.

Get greener – make baby steps to challenge yourself to get more sustainable

Now is the time to break down the large topic of environmental issues into workable measures you can take at home. It takes a bit of effort and creativity to dive into but a lot of work is already done for you. Use your time to learn how you can contribute to get greener, one step at the time.

There is always a positive side and I sure hope this time will help us reconnect to creativity and to the more social side of people in general.

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