The Power Of ‘nope’ Or The Power Of ‘YOU’

The power of ‘Nope’ from Noami’s Osaka’s decision to NOT push herself into a stressful ‘out-of comfort’ zone is inspiring for all. In top-sport, throughout our careers, we often forget to focus on our skills and talents. Instead, we focus on what the environment is expecting, a speaker, author, panelist, founder, human leader, and mother. It should be ok to be neither of those, but simply be ‘YOU.’

No wonder we get tossed into a questionable state of mental health during certain phases in our lives. For women, mental health fluctuates by default by the physiological stages of adolescence, giving birth, and menopause alone. Adding upsetting high expectations and going from introvert to extrovert by force makes you miserable and eventually sick. Do we challenge our mental health continuously by wanting or having to ‘fit in’ too drastically?

The article speaks about the lack of a diverse perspective on how one should train top female athletes. Although the examples are severe and heartbreaking, there is a comparison for business to be made. To be treated ‘equal’ does not necessarily mean ‘treated like men,’ but being able to count on people – your peers, managers, and leadership – taking the ‘perspective of women’ for starters.

Therefore the brave and inspiring ‘nope’ should echo into the realms of ‘work,’ ‘career’, and ‘parenting.’ Much like the growing number of female athletes, who are betting that they’ll be happier — and maybe perform better, too — by setting their terms in their window of life. Let’s be happy about what we are good at and not stress ourselves into mental illness by pushing something that is not our forte or settling for a harmful environment. We don’t need to conform, but need to stand out in what we are good at.”

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